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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: - Should the Allopathic medicines be stopped when under going Homoeopathy treatment.

Ans. Yes, If patient is already on allopathic drugs since a long time then those are not discontinues suddenly, homoeopathic medicine could be taken at a particular time gap and gradually after few days allopathic medicine could be withdrawn.

Q: - Does Homoeopathic Medicine have side effects.

Ans: - Since Homoeopathic remedies are potentised and follow principal of minimum dose. The healing powers of the body to fight disease and doses prescribed are too small hence no side effects. .

Q: - What are the advantages of Homeopathy

Ans.: - The homeopathic system which is proved on human  beings is very effective in both acute and chronic conditions. It address the problem from the root and establishes harmony in health. Homeopathy can be started depending on the current condition instead of waiting, there by avoiding the deterioration of health and   preventing further complications. Homeopathy is recommended because it treats, especially the chronic diseases, at a deeper level giving lasting relief.

Q: - How fast Homeopathic remedies can act ?  

Ans: - It’s a very common myth that homoeopathic medicine works slowly but the fact is homoeopathic approach is not to suppress the symptoms immediately (specially in chronic diseases), rather to address the problem from the root and bring out proper relief and cure. Often, people suffering from some kinds of acute problems find relief within minutes. People start feeling better in few days.