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Corns are a hard bony mass of the superficial layers of the skin (Epidermis). These are localized smaller callosities produced by friction and pressure of ill- fitting shoes. A corn consists of a central hyperkeratotic spike projecting downward towards the dermis, which forms a hard core on the surface. Due to continuous pressure on the surface the deeper end of the corn may start pressing on the underline epidermis. If it causes acute pain whenever the corns get pressed, otherwise they are painlees.
A corn may be hard, dry and scaly. When inflammation or suppuration takes place underneath a corn, it becomes excessively painful. Hard corn usually occurs over a toe joint and soft corn occurs between the toes. Corns are usually skin colours, occasionally yellow, white.
HOMOEOPATHIC APPROACH: - The corns are mere reflection of some deep seated diseases in the human being and they can be treated very simple by treating the patients as a whole on homeopathic lines.