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Inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin. The disorder can be caused by a bacterial infection, a fungal infection or an allergic reaction. It may also be due to a sexually transmitted infection ,such as trichomoniasis .A tighter than normal foreskin may also increase the risk of infection by preventive effective cleaning of the head of the penis. Men with Diabetes Mellitus are more susceptible to the condition. More common in children also.
The condition may also occur as a result of sensitivity of the penis to certain Chemicals, such as those found in some condoms, contraceptive creams, Detergents and Laundry Soaps. The treatments of balanitis depends on the cause. If the cause seems to be sensitivity to chemicals, the Irritant should be identified, If possible, so that you can avoid it. If the condition is the result of a sexually transmitted disease, your partner should be checked for evidence of infection and treated, if necessary to prevent recurrence.
Mr.R. Kumar Age 43 Yrs. Date 20 Nov.2003.Complaint of inflammation of the prepuce and glans penis.prepuce becomes tighter than the normal skin, dryness of the prepuce and the skin Cracks excoriation of the penis prepuce coition after. The patient is irritable and having fear of death, fatty food Agg, Likes salt things more. The case was repertorise in the complete repertory through computer. Patient was given Nit Acid 1m one dose with placebo for one week Calendula Q was given for external wash. Patient reported good improvement after one week,again placebo repeated for one week. Patient was completely recovered after15 days